E-KÜTÜPHANE: Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Dergisi Vol:5 No:2 2007
Başlık:      Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Dergisi Vol:5 No:2 2007
Categories:      Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Dergisi
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Number of pages:      52
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Original Research Articles

Epidemiology of Unintentional injuries in the Elementary Schools of Istanbul

Kamer Gur, Ayse Yildiz 

Knowledge and perceptions of young adolescents’ about pubertal changes

Pemra C. Unalan, Mehmet Akman, Serap Cifcili, Arzu Uzuner, Victor Wagner 

Prevalence of smoking in secondary schools and associated factors in Mersin, Turkey: A School-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Resul Bugdayci, A. Oner Kurt, Tayyar Sasmaz, Fevziye Toros, Seva Oner, Handan Camdeviren 

Assessment of mental health of earthquake victims with GHQ-28 just after the earthquake

Sarp Uner, Hilal Ozcebe 

Short Report

What is advocacy according to Public Health?

Emine Baran, Tuba Duygu Yilmaz, Recep Akdur 

Notes From the Field

How to manage a European Union Project: from the perspective of a project coordinator

Arzu Uzuner 


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